Your neighborhood, your local, table fussball, and what else?

Besides the regular pub stuff, we* are keen to support political groups that are committed to overcoming the pervasive social and capitalist powers-that-be. In this spirit, we would like to offer our premises and infrastructure for solidary and informative events and all matters of solidarity.

We see this as a minimum consensus, so that we* do not necessarily agree with all statements in the events, but rather see our rooms as a platform for mutual exchange. As a group, we* do not have a unified or closed opinion on many controversial topics and we think this is a good thing. Because we too are in a constant process of learning and understanding.

In addition, it has been our aim to offer the community a space, in which each and every one can be free and enjoy being themselves. Stereotyping based on body norms and attributions, and any bullshit connected to similar cliches is unacceptable here. For that reason, we* won’t tolarate any discriminatory behaviour in relation to gender, race, sexuality, sexual orientation, religion and/or any other social differences.

If someone gets too close to you or you see a similar situation, take action and intervene, talk to us or the people around you.