Soli Crêpes against repressioncrap!


At 19:30, the 13.02 (Tu) there is a presentation from People from the Stop Deportation Group in the B-Lage. With it come Crêpes.

Nobody should be left alone with repression on their own, just because they are primarily affected by it. It concerns us all.

„In Berlin, deportations happen all the time. Every night, the danger of police raids looms: people are taken out of their beds and forced on deportation planes. […] While most of Berlin sleeps, the German border system enacts its ruthless practice of expulsion with its horrible consequences such as extreme poverty, confinement, persecution, torture and death in those places that people obviously had a reason to leave. [...]It is our collective strength that can create underground networks of practical solidarity. It is our involvement that can create environments where people can feel safer. Let us not sleep through their deportation raids, but instead organise ourselves to resist and fight for the right to stay for everyone“ - from „Stop Deportation Group“

People from the "Stop Deportation Group" will give a talk on the political situation as well as repression in Pakistan and the current deportations in Germany. It will be in English

The money will be used for attorney, flyers and other costs of the group. Therefore, come over, enjoy the crêpes, inform yourself. Thank you.