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14.07.19 So

Revenir 4
Veranstaltungsraum / Eventroom
French mit Deutschen Untertiteln

Film: Revenir (To Return)

For years, the stories of West African migrants and refugees have been told through the lenses of foreign journalists. Now there is a story from the inside.

Part road-trip, part memoir, part journalistic investigation, REVENIR follows Kumut Imesh, a refugee from the Ivory Coast now living in France, as he returns to the African continent and attempts to retrace the same journey that he himself took when forced to flee civil war in his country … But this time with a camera in his hand. Traveling alone, Kumut will be documenting his own journey; both as the main protagonist in front of the camera, as well as the person behind it, revealing the human struggle for freedom and dignity on one of the most dangerous migratory routes in the world. A controversial film experiment, a courageous journey and a unique collaboration between filmmaker and refugee; which is not without consequences.