13.04.19 - 21:00

Working with music across many fields (academia, journalism and curation), Noëmie also plays records as Gigsta. Her record collection is partly a result of the numerous hours she spent listening to radio - and especially UK radio. Over the last few years, Gigsta got involved in several radio projects herself in France, and joined the Berlin-based Cashmere Radio in may 2016, where she hosts her monthly slot Fictions. 

Since she moved to Berlin in 2015, Noëmie co-founded the artist collective The Volunteer Sessions alongside DJ friend Nagababa and regularly writes for french magazines Trax and Midi Deux or creates and contributes to zines.

Was sonst so los ist an diesem Tag?!

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monatlich am 2. samstag 19:30
Englisch, International

Gay Meaningful Connection

Tired of Grindr scrolling? Tired of Tinder swiping? The real connection among humans takes place after an exchange of meaningful ideas, shared thoughts and honest feelings. Would you be ready to skip the small talk and jump directly into showing who you are to someone you have never seen before?
This is a social experiment attempting to counteract, at least for a few hours, the social pressure of selling our self as “perfect products” just to create good first impressions.

For one evening, we meet without masks. With a series of fun dynamics/games we will get to know each other, sincerely.

ONLY ONE RULE: NO SMALL TALK, your nationality, the weather, your headache will not be relevant, it is about sharing what makes you, you!

*Please be on time, since it is a completely free event, we cannot reserve seats for a long time. Dynamics will start at 19:20, unfortunately people arriving later might not be able to integrate.